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Our only goal is to provide your company all the necessary elements to obtain air, sea and land international freight with optimized costs and ensuring a personalized door to door follow-up for each cargo. This includes the hiring of an international freight as well as pickup and delivery, the insurance processing, rental and sale of containers, among other activities.

Air Cargo

EWe are a part of an extensive network of agents which operate in the main strategic locations in the world. This allows us to offer an agile and competitive service, both in imports and in exports.

  • General, dangerous, reefer and perishable cargo.
  • Agreement with major airlines.
  • "Door-to-door" service.
  • Rates according to your needs.
  • Shipment tracking and delivery control.

Maritime cargo

We count with a worldwide service of maritime transport for full (FCL) and consolidated (LCL) containers. Our network of agents allows us to have your cargo efficiently transported to/from its deposit always on schedule, with a wide and professional transport service which fully satisfies your company needs.

  • General, dangerous and refrigerated cargo.
  • Agreement with major shipping lines.
  • "Door-to-door" service.
  • Rates according to your needs.
  • Shipment tracking and delivery control.

Land transport

Our company supports small and medium exporters and importers giving them a boost to development. For this purpose, we offer them the best technology. We own a large fleet of trucks which travel through Argentina. These trucks are duly equipped and carry any type of goods, such as containers, bulk, hazardous and project cargo.

Through agreements with other companies we cross borders to provide our services in neighboring countries. We count with several business partnerships which allow us to select the best alternative for each destination according the type of cargo carried.

Goods Insurance

A first-level, safe and efficient cover for your international business.

Aware of the value of your goods and of the risks that imply the transportation of same, we offer services according to each client needs, ensuring each cargo with the back-up of the most prestigious Insurance Companies in the market.

  • "Door-to-door" insurance.
  • All-risks insurance.
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