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Your need is our commitment...

B&T continuing commitment lies on the permanent seeking and obtaining of products that you need, with the highest quality requirements, besides identifying the most suitable market for our clients to commercialize their goods.

Export: We count with a wide network of first-level producers and manufacturers all over our country.
Import: We also count with a wide network of agents all over the world which facilitates us obtaining the good that you need at the best price.

  • Product search and localization
  • Purchase and sale agents
  • Commercial representation of you Company in Argentina, through the most appropriate legal structure.


  • • Gas oil (D2), crude and all its derivatives (Jet fuel, Oils), Urea
  • Sugar
  • Cement


  • Corn, wheat, rice and its derivatives (oils)
  • Soy and its derivatives (oils).
  • Bonds purchase and sale.
  • Megaprojects financing.
  • Fruits and vegetables
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